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Poulson Chapel, c.1763. Stone Chapel, 1783. Rebuilt 1800 and 1883.
Near here was located a place of worship described as the "Evangelical Lutheran and, according to God's word, reformed, and on both sides, protestant congregations called the German Churche." Continuous worship for 200 years on this site marks it …
Near here the Confederate cavalry of Major General J. E. B. Stuart entered Carroll County from Cooksville about daybreak June 29, 1863. After damaging the tracks and bridge of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Sykesville, they marched to Westmins…
Here June 29, 1863, Captain Charles Corbit led Companies C and D, First Delaware Cavalry, against General J. E. B. Stuart's cavalry division. Though repelled by overwhelming force, the attack delayed Stuart, and was a factor in his failure to reac…
In the United States was inaugurated by the Post Office department on December 20, 1899 covering the whole of Carroll County and small parts of adjacent counties with Westminster as the central distributing point.
First convert lived here 1764-1827, first class met here 1768-1809, first preacher Robert Strawbridge, first bishop Francis Asbury, preached here. Bicentenary of Methodism, 1962.
Here Robert Strawbridge formed the first Methodist class in America about 1763. Nearby he built the first log meeting house. Although without official sanction American Methodists first received Baptism and Holy Communion by his hand. Named nation…
Built in 1764 by Robert Strawbridge, the first Methodist place of worship erected in America. Successors are Stone Chapel (1783) 3 miles northeast, and Bethel (1821) 1 mile south.←
Gettysburg Campaign.In June 1863, as Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia marched north, Gen. J. E. B. Stuart's Confederate cavalry rode east of the main army. Soon, Federal cavalry hunted Stuart. Gen. David McM. Gregg's division l…
World War 1917-1918. (list of names)
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