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Cobblestone. . Built 1836 by J.D. Woodford. Used as a select school. Second floor ballroom. Wooden addition on rear used as creamery var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getEleme…
1840 Church. . Built by First Presbyterian Society on land donated by Howland family. Farrand Kitchel, builder. Home to museum 1994. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElem…
Baptists Corners Owasco District No. One Built 1834 with local stone Served for 116 years Closed in 1950
Millard Fillmore 1800 1874 13th President of the United States
During the ice ages of the last 2 million years, glaciers sculpted the land surface forming, amongst other features, the many rounded and elongated hills called drumlins that are seen from the Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse. From this vant…
About two hundred feet from here was once the location of the D. B. Tanner Dry Dock, built in 1863 on the former Clinton's Ditch alignment. Craftmen built and repaired canal cargo boats in the dry docks that carried grain, coal, lumber and the pro…
Lock 52 on the Erie Canal was once a busy place. Built in 1851 and lengthened on the berm side in 1887 to accommodate two boats hitched together in tandem, the lock created a popular stopping point for canal boatmen. The 11-foot lift at Lock 52 ma…
The Erie Canal in Port Byron When the original Erie Canal or "Clinton's Ditch" was completed here in 1819, Port Byron was transformed from a frontier settlement to a thriving canal town. Indeed, the local citizens were so hopeful with the new cana…
The mules that pulled boats along the Erie Canal were cared for here, fed and shoed.
This 1894 saloon and hotel belonged to the Van Detto family, recently arrived Italian immigrants. Located a few hundred feet east of Lock 52, the Erie House was a popular destination for the canal community.
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