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Camp Stanton was established in this area, October, 1863, for the recruiting and training of the Seventh, Ninth, Nineteenth and Thirtieth United States Colored Infantry.
President of the United States in Congress Assembled 1781-1782. Died, Oxon Hill, Maryland, November 22, 1783.
Birthplace of John Hanson April 14, 1715 President of the United States in Congress Assembled 1781-1782 Died Oxon Hill, Maryland November 22, 1783.
The home of Major Roderick G. Watson is two miles north of this marker. At the start of the Civil War many persons crossed the Potomac River to Virginia in this area. From 1862 to the end of the war, Thomas A. Jones served as a Confederate agent f…
Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer's home. First President of the Maryland Senate 1777-1781. Close friend of George Washington who visited here June 3rd 1763.
4000 acres in Portobacco Hundred surveyed 25 October 1649 for Thomas Matthews, Esq., "to have hold use and enjoy within the said mannor a court leet and court baron with all to the said courts or either of them belonging by the law or custome of E…
Home of Dr. Gustavus Richard Brown who lies buried here. He was a close friend of George Washington and was one of the physicians in attendance at his death.
Divided loyalties and ironies tore at Marylander's hearts throughout the Civil War: enslaved African-Americans and free United States Colored Troops; spies and smugglers; civilians imprisoned without trial to protect freedom; neighbors and familie…
Parish church of Port Tobacco Parish, one of the 30 Church of England parishes established, 1692, by act of the provincial assembly, supported by a yearly poll tax of 40 pounds of tobacco. In 1904 the edifice was moved stone by stone from Port Tob…
In this center of Confederate activity, at the Brawner Hotel, Detective Captain William Williams unsuccessfully offered Thomas Jones $100,000 reward for information that would lead to the capture of John Wilkes Booth.
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