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Farming and Industrial Development Ice harvesting on the county's lakes provided employment for farmers in the winter months. This ice was stored in large warehouses, and straw provided insulation to keep it intact even during the summer. Chautauq…
What Does "Chautauqua" Mean? Chautauqua Institution Courtesy: Fenton History Center, Jamestown, N.Y. The term "Chautauqua" has come to be associated with the Chautauqua Movement which grew from the county's own Chautauqua Institution. The Institut…
Transportation Bemus Point/Stow Ferry Courtesy: Fenton History Center, Jamestown, N.Y. Flat boats made from locally cut timber carries goods from Chautauqua Lake to the country's interior. the Bemus POint-Stow Ferry began operating in 1811 and was…
USN In memory of Commander William B. Cushing 1842-1874 The sinking of the Confederate Ram Albemarle Oct. 27, 1864 by Lt. Cushing.
Dedicated to veterans of all wars
The Site of the First Gas Well in the United States. Lighted in honor of General Lafayette's visit June 4, 1825
The Land Around Us Farmhouse/Settlement Courtesy: Fenton History Center, Jamestown, N.Y. By the end of the 1700's the Holland Land Company was operating in western New York, including Chautauqua County. The first permanent European settlers arrive…
AntietamTo the perpetual memory of the defenders of the Union in the wars of 1776, 1812, and Civil War 1861-1865. Revolutionary War. Dutton, Moses War of 1812. Corse, Cyrus; Cross, George; Eades, Elisha A.; Eastman, Daniel; Graham, Aretus S.; Hawl…
In grateful tribute to the men and women who served in the armed forces of our country
Peter Ripley Residence This home, the oldest frame building standing in Sherman, was moved approximately three city blocks. Furnishings depict life of an average settler's family about 1830.
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