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One of several local attempts to join the ranks of auto manufacturing had offices at this site from 1921 to 1923.
Before white men came to this area the Indians blazed a trail between Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua over which they, early explorers and settlers, portaged their canoes. At the Chadakoin River rapids the canoe was portaged again. Here is where the…
First non-Indian settler of Hanover and Chautauqua County, built his home nearby in 1796. Indian friend, farmer, fiddler, and worker on the HLC survey.
1890-1965 lived in Irving. Historian, Archaeologist, Paleontologist, BMS Curator. Seneca adopted-Gahgewa. Saved Hanover Elm & Sottle Fiddle.
Corporal Co. D 112 NY Infantry. Congressional Medal of Honor awarded 29 September 1864 for battle of New Market Heights Chapins Farm, Virginia. Buried in Mina Cemetery.
First woman to serve as a Chautauqua County Legislator Evelynn M. CrandallElected from District 7Years of service 1978-1981 & 1984-1989Remembered for her dedication to local history
First commercial enterprise in southeastern Chautauqua CountyDoctor Thomas Ruston Kennedy built first mill October 1805 after purchase of 3000 acres in the area which became the Town of Poland
First woman justice of New York State Gertrude A. WilliamsYears of service 1920 to 1924Site of her former residence where she held court.
Waterways to the InteriorRivers and lakes served as the superhighways of the 18th century. Many rivers and lakes in the Colony of New York either bordered New France (Canada), or connected the bordering water bodies to the interior of the Colonies…
Barcelona Light HouseErected in 1829By the Federal Government