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American Aristotype Company An ornate red brick building here was the office of American Aristotype Company. Founded in 1889, its factories manufactured a fine early collodian paper which helped revolutionize the photographic industry. The operat…
"Gokey Fire" A fire here in March 1910, fought by volunteers, took the lives of two firemen and destroyed the Gokey Shoe Company, the Gokey Building and the Sherman House across Third Street. It led to a paid City fire Department.
Roll-O-Bowl On this site 1956-1960 Sunday jalopy races held on quarter mile dirt track. Built by McNitt brothers on their grandmother's farm.
On July 15, 1944 an army air force B-24 bomber piloted by Blockville native Lt. Levine Nelson fell from the sky two hundred yards from this monument. The aircraft and crew were in route to the European theater of World War II. Six of the nine crew…
The Lincoln Maple This maple was planted in 1965 after Pres. Lincoln was assassinated. Schoolchildren from this Balltown school, built in 1820, planted it.
Hanover resident, 1816-1836, at Dennison's Corners and Keach's Corners. Clerk of Dennison's Corners School #10 and of Forestville Baptist Church. Studied law, taught, and married in Silver Creek. Attended Fredonia Academy. Ellington Postmaster, Ra…
Birthplace of Mary Smith Lockwood 1831-1922 Pen Founder of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
American Revolution Lieutenant John Docksteder (British) was stationed here. Sept. 1, 1779, he led Senecas down Alleghany Road to battle the Americans under Col. Brodhead near the Allegheny River.
The home of Reuben E. Fenton B - July 4, 1819 D - Aug. 25, 1885 Town of Carroll Supervisor 1846-1852 Member of Congress 1852, 1856-1865 Governor of New York 1865-1869 U.S. Senator 1869-1875 "The Soldier's Friend"
Frew House First house erected in Frewsburg. Built 1807 by Hugh and Mary R. Frew
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