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In memory of those who fell in the Battle of Brandywine Sept 11, 1777. Back of this in a common grave lay those who fell in this vicinity. Marked byThe Brandywine Valley Farmers Club1920
On this native stone rested one corner of the first Meeting House at Birmingham built cedar logs with a flintstone in center of it upon which they burnt charcoal to heat the meeting, erected 1721.
The Battle of Brandywine involved 28,000 soldiers in combat and was the largest and longest battle of the American Revolution· After marching 17 miles in 9 hours from Kennett Square, Gen. Howe's army took a break for tea, to rest and refres…
The Battle of Brandywine was the largest and longest battle of the American Revolution· At 4 am, September 11, 1777, British troops marched from Kennett Square towards the colonial capital of Philadelphia. · Gen. Washington positi…
Indian HannahThe last of the Indians in Chester County was born in the vale about 300 yards to the East on the land of the protector of her people the Quaker assemblyman William Webb Her mother was Indian Sarah and her grandmother was Indian Jane …
Indian Hannah1730-1802The last of the tribe of Lenni-Lenape in Chester County
In a rude cabin across the vale lived "Indian Hannah" who died 1802 Last of the Lenni-Lenape in Chester County
EVERHART GROVEDonated to the Borough of West ChesterByDr. Isaiah EverhartIn the year 1905Erected 1920
A pioneer physician and educator, in 1860 Preston founded the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she later established one of the nation's first nurses' training schools. A graduate of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, she became it…
Opened in 1943, it was among the nation's largest military hospitals by the end of World War II. Able to treat more than 3,000 patients in over 100 buildings, the facility specialized in the pioneering treatment of war-related eye and burn injurie…
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