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Ten mineral springs were brought together in this building in 1935 under WPA project #5252 on the site of the original spring. The cost was more than one million dollars. The Hall of Waters houses City Hall and host[s] the world's longest minera…
Site of Liberty Jail built in 1833 and used by Clay County in 1856. Joseph Smith and associates held here awaiting trial in 1838-39. Restored as a Historic Site by the Mormon Church in 1963.
"The Antioch Congregation was organized as a Christain [sic] Church (Disciples of Christ) in September 1853 by Moses Easterly Lard (1818-1880), Pastor of the Liberty Christain [sic] Church in Missouri. Its first 'Meeting House', a one room buildin…
Congregation established in 1853 by Rev. Moses E. Lard as Christian Church. Building constructed 1859. Has served since as worship and social center. Reorganized as Community Church 1930. Building moved and [illegible] by Antioch Church Historical…
Congregation formed in 1853 as Antioch Christian Church. This building erected in 1859. Restored by Antioch Community Church Historical Society, organized December 1964 with Hugh P. Loughrey founding president. ————&mdash…
Built by Daniel Bell in 1858, an impressive ante-bellum mansion, restored by present owner, Donald Pharis, who also re-erected an early day log cabin here from nearby Richmond.
WarSince recorded history, one of the tragedies of man's existence is war. Wars are started by leaders and finished by citizens of the country they represent - and always at a terrible cost in human lives. These memorials will help you apprecia…
Dedicated to those whoserved in the Armed Forcesof our country forfreedom and democracy Honor Roll————————In memory of ourHonored Dead
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this replica of theStatue of Liberty as a pledgeof everlasting fidelity andloyalty 40th Anniversary Crusa…
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of theStatue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity andloyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade…