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1776. Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Chase & Charles Carroll of Carrollton paused near here April 26 en route to Montreal as Delegates of Congress.
Near this spot survivors of the British gunboat Simcoe buried their dead comrades left on board following the American naval victory on Plattsburgh Bay.
1763 homestead site of Jean LaFramboise first settler in Clinton County driven out by Burgoyne in 1777-Returned 1783 Estab. 1st North Country apple orchard
The Point Au Roche Methodist Episcopal Church stood west of this sign. It was built in the early 1850s on land from the Moore family. This red brick church was the community focal point, a place where people came to worship and socialize.
On Sept. 6, 1814 the left wing of the British Army, on its invasion route to Plattsburgh, passed here. It fired upon this house, according to tradition, thinking it to be a fort.
Muron Regt. of 1000 men camped here prior to the Sept. 11, 1814 Battle of Plattsburgh. They never reached Plattsburgh.
1823 Erected Here By Lewis Sage Robinson ROBINSON'S TAVERN Also Erected Opposite Here In 1810 The Original Log Tavern Visited in 1817 By PRES. JAMES MONROE Until 1857 These Sites Were Part Of The Town Of Chazy Lewis G. Robinson Erecte…
This B-47 Strato-Jet Bomber stands as a lasting memorial to the valiant men who flew and supported B-47'S from March 21, 1956 to December 14, 1965, while they were assigned to Plattsburgh Air Force Base. This monument has been presented by the ci…
The role of the FB-111A, Strategic Air Command's premier penetrating bomber, spanned the last 20 years of the Cold War. This aircraft and the people in the 380th Bombardment Wing who flew, maintained and supported it, contributed to America's most…
Station where Negro slaves were aided to escape to Canada