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Site of homeZephaniah Platt1735 - 1807Founder of PlattsburghBuilt in 1799
Dedicated on 24 October 1933in memory of those stationed herewho gave their lives in WWI.The project was sponsoredby the Churchwomen's League For Patriotic Service. Costing $22,472.It was constructed ofweathered brick from a historicalstructure ne…
This is the flagpoleofPlattsburgh Barrackserectedby the Remarkable One-Armed Joe Forkey under the direction of Colonel Horace Jewett 21st Infantry Commandingthis flagpole was used from 1894 to 1964
We honor all those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq
Dedicated to all Veterans who served this great nation in her time of need from the battles of the Revolution to the present
Known as the Administration Building, this edifice stands at the apex of the parade ground and surrounding structures of Plattsburgh Barracks, an active U.S. Army post until 1944. It overlooks the site of the earthen fortification Fort Moreau whic…
This structure was the first ofthree barracks built between 1893 -1897. Each housed one infantry battalionof 320 men. This barracks was first occupied in June 1894 by companies D, Fand G of the 21st Infantry Regimenttransferred from Fort Sidney, N…
Last resting placeof soldiers fromthis nations warsest. 1812 - 1970PFC Robert A. LaFountain
House and barn erected in 1809 byWilliam Gilliland, Jr. (1768-1847).1814 American militia encampmentprior to Battle of Plattsburgh.Barn became the Royal Savage Inn 1918 - 2002.
The embankment on this spot is all that remains of Fort Brown which constituted the left flank of the American line of defense at the Battle of Plattsburgh September 6-11, 1814 It was manned by detachments of the 30th & 31st Regiments of Infantry …