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Little has changed here over the past century. The area remains a natural oasis for reflection, social events, and recreation. The historic Augusta Canal, recognized as one of the most unique and intact canal systems in the United States, is li…
Marking the place where two geophysical provinces intersect, the Fall Line attracted Native American settlement, served as a natural crossing point for Hernando DeSoto's journey, and made the Augusta Canal possible. The roar of water over the l…
Born in Columbia County, GA, c. 1794. The son of Abraham and Ann (alter) Marshall. Followed his father as pastor of this church, which he served until his death. He was educated as the University of Georgia. Notable positions include clerk, Georgi…
This Plaque Placed To Commemorate The 100th Anniversary Of the Founding of The City of Grovetown, GA. 1881-1981
In Sacred Memory of the Men of Columbia County Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice World War I Barney Bivins, John Burnett, Doughty Jansen, Selwyn Williamson World War II Daniel W. Cason, John B. Crawford, Thomas W. Smith, Robert Bryan, Fred Ma…
This building, Kiowee Church's sixth meeting house, was erected in 1937 with the help of many Georgia Baptists as a monument to Daniel Marshall. Not later than 1770, he was arrested for preaching in Colonial Georgia at a site east of this marker. …
Famous comedian resided here. Oliver Norvell Hardy. Harlem, Georgia. Born: January 18, 1892. Died: August 7, 1957.
Acclaimed poet, editor, and lecturer of the post-Civil War era, Paul Hamilton Hayne was born in Charleston, South Carolina. A contemporary of Sidney Lanier, Hayne edited Russell's Magazine and the Charleston Gazette and wrote for the Southern Lite…
Rev. Daniel Marshall Born 1706, Died 1784,Pioneer Baptist Minister,Established Kiokee, the firstBaptist Church in Georgia in 1772Erected by the people ofGeorgia in 1903, in recognition Marshall
Shiloh Methodist Church, the outgrowth of the earliest known Methodist place of worship in this community, has had a church building on this site for over 125 years. Originally, services started by a local hermit "who lived by a spring," were held…