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1940 Chevrolet Fire Truck Originally owned by the Ralpho Fire Company, Overlook, PA Purchased by Knobels in May 1972. Used for the flood clean-up in June 1972 & various pumping duties since. Body restored in 2007- 2008. Currently used…
The newest Old Covered Bridge in the world, built 1975. "The Park's Beginning" was 100 feet upstream where the original Knoebels Groves Covered Bridge and old swimming hole were located. That bridge was replaced by the modern highway bridge in 1940.
Grand Carousel Hand carved in 1913 by master carver Charles Carmel. This carousel was purchased by Knoebels in 1941 and moved here from Rahway, N.J. Its 63 horses and 3 chariots make it one of the largest remaining carousels in the country.
[plaque]Grand Carousel Purchased: 1941. Opened: 1942 Previous Location: Riverside Park, Rahway, NJ This large 4 abreast carousel was built by George Kremer in 1913 using a Looff platform and horses carved by Charles Carmel. It features 63 horses, …
Swimming Hole A natural swimming hole on Roaring Creek attracted the first visitors to Knoebels farm. Admission: With bath house 10¢ Visitors Horse Fed & Stabled 25¢
These memorial rose beds dedicated in commemoration of our men and women who served in World War II Let none forget they gave their all and faltered not when came the call
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
To honor the memory of Evan Owen Founder of Berwick Evan Owen 1746 1819 His wife Jane Owen 1751 1829
(front) 1747 — Evan Owen — 1819 Purchaser of the Site and Founder of the Town. - First Settlers - 1786 Robert and John Brown named the town Berwick, after Berwick-upon-Tweed, England - Pioneers - Anthony Adams · Ale…
Who gave her talents in loving concern to the immigrants of 1919 - Berwick - 1961