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Many pioneers from Alamo and surrounding towns have been buried here since the 1850s. Alamo Cemetery is part of the Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District. We dedicate this plaque in the 125th year of the first recorded burial January 1856.
In August of 1910 the San Ramon Valley Union High School District was formed. For the first six years high school classes were held in Danville at two different locations, with two teachers and thirty students. In 1916 ten acres were purchased a…
This one room school house was built by the Tassajara School District in 1889 and served the entire area until 1946 at which time the district was merged with the Danville Union School District. The black walnut trees were planted and cared for by…
Oldest church building in Walnut Creek Originally located on Locust Street Erected 1888 -1889 Consecrated, April 26, 1891 by Bishop William Ford Nichols
First model built by International Harvester in 1924. Designed to cultivate or weed between rows. Instead of the traditional side-mounted flywheel to which a belt was attached to run machinery, the Farmall had what was known as a "power take-off,"…
Used for sowing seeds in the fields. Most early farm machinery were Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. When the wagon wheels turned, the gears fastened to them turned other gears.
Walnut Creek's Old Borges Ranchhouse, as the cornerstone of a working cattle ranch, was first built by Frank (Francisco) and his wife Mary Borges, their sons and daughters in 1899. Since then, this house has withstood five generations of the hard …
Used from about 1880 to 1940 in the second Alamo school building which stood at the east side of Danville Blvd. near Stone Valley Road.
Since 1856 Built by Charles and Nathaniel Howard Owner Ray L. Donahue
John M. & Mary Ann Smith Jones, lived at this location from 1851 - 1866. They came out west in a prairie schooner. Here John opened the only post office between Martinez and Mission San Jose on May 18, 1852. Mary Ann was his deputy while her husba…
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