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Pioneer photographer of N. C. and the South. An advocate of equal rights for women. Began career ca. 1904 in this house where she was born.
U. S. Senator, 1901-1931. Chaired Senate Finance Committee during World War I. U.S. House 1887-1889. Lived here.
The road from New England to Charleston, over which mail was first carried regularly in North Carolina, 1738-39, passed near this spot.
Was a citizen of Bern, Switzerland. Led Swiss and Palatine immigrants to N.C. where in 1710 he founded New Bern.
Merchant, Loyalist, and Governor's Councilor. He financed construction of Tryon Palace & campaign against Regulators, 1771. House stood 2 blocks S.
The above map is self-explanatory. For a detailed account of the battle please read the large map-marker "Battle of New Bern" on Us. Highway 17 at New Bern, 5? west of this road. The Croatan Earthwork, an extensive fortification not used during th…
New Bern Historical Society welcomes you to the New Bern Battlefield Park 300 Battlefield Parkway, New Bern, NC 28562 Here you will find pristinely preserved Confederate defensive earthworks on the 27 acres owned by the New Bern Historical Societ…
The victory of Union General Ambrose Burnside here on March 14, 1862, caused the fall of New Bern.
Site of Fort Caswell, built by N.C., 1775-76, to protect New Bern, renamed Fort Lane by Confederacy. Taken by U.S., Mar., 1862. ½ mi. E.
On March 13, 1862, Union Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside prepared to capture New Bern after seizing Roanoke Island in February. Confederate Gen. Lawrence O?B. Branch defended the city in a line of fortifications located several miles down the Neuse Rive…