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Plaque 1National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Bailey Island Bridge Harpswell, Maine Presented 1984 Plaque 2 This 1150 ft. bridge is an exceptional engineering solution to meet unusual conditions and is the only one of its kind in th…
First Rector of the Sacred Heart Church
In honor of those who served in the War for the Union 1861 - 1865 "Yours has the suffering been the memory shall be ours." "Your silent tents of green we deck with fragrant flowers." Erected by Thatcher Post No. 111 G.A.R. 1903
Measuring nine feet across, this propeller is from the Tug Stamford which was built in 1951 as the Thomas Tracy, then renamed in 1971 to the Stamford. In 1998, the tug was acquired by the Portland Tugboat and Shipbuilding Co. of Portland, Maine, w…
In memory of three thousand men and women who gave their lives in the Arctic Campaign 1941-1945 on convoys to and from Russia We will remember them May 2000 This granite is given by the people of Murmansk City, Russia to the people of Portland M…
On this site from 1784 till 1955 stood the house in which Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born February 27, 1807 This boulder is from the Hiram farm of his grandfather, General Peleg Wadsworth, where the poet spent many happy youthful days. The I…
On September 5, 1813 off Monhegan Island on the coast of Maine, The American brig "Enterprise" commanded by 28 year old Lt. William Burrows engaged in battle with the British brig "Boxer" commanded by 29 year old Captain Samuel…
The Desert of Maine was once a productive farm. The first patch of sand appeared about 100 years ago, and has continued to spread over the years, and now covers several hundred acres.
Top Plaque Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque Mariner's Church Fore and Moulton Street location of Daniel Colesworthy's basement anti-slavery bookstore and printshop. In 1836 Colesworthy printed "Light and Truth From Ancient and …
Top plaque Portland Freedom Trail Maine Freedom Trails Established 2007 Bottom Plaque The Hack stand of Reuben Ruby, corner of Temple and Federal Streets. Ruby (1798-1878) was Portland's foremost African American Anti-Slavery activist and under…