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Authorized by Congress 1836. Taken over by Confederacy, 1861. Destroyed March 1865, by Sherman. Ruins stand 2 blocks S.W.
This tablet marks the site of an important arsenal of the Confederate government. Authorized by the United States Congress, 1836; captured by North Carolina, April 22, 1861; transferred to the Confederate government, June 5, 1861; and destroyed by…
At Bentonville, General William T. Sherman's Union Army, advancing from Fayetteville toward Goldsboro, met and battled the Confederate Army of General Joseph E. Johnston. General Robert E. Lee had directed the Confederates to make a stand in North…
The 1865 home of WilliamSmith, 100 yards East, wasused as a hospital forUnion troops in theBattle of Averasboro,March 15-16, 1865.
1st Division1st Brigade ? ? ? ? 2nd Brigade5th Conn. 46th PA. 2nd Mass. 13th NJ123rd NY. 141st NY. 107th NY. 150th NY.3rd Wisc 3rd Brigade82nd Ill. 101st Ill.61st Oh. 82nd Oh.143rd NY. 31st Wisc 3rd Division1stBrigade ? ? ? ? 2nd Brigade70th…
The brigade of ColonelA.M. Rhett was repulsed300 yards West on March 16,1865, by Union troopsunder Colonel Henry Case.
Elliott's Brigade22nd GA BN ? ? ? ? 28th GA BNHanleiter's BN ? ? ? ? Manigault's BN2nd SC Heavy Arty BNGist Guard Arty6th NC BN Armory Guards Rhett's Brigade1st SC Inf (Reg)1st SC Heavy Arty BNLucas's SC BN Artillery BatallionLeGardeur's Btr…
General W. B. Taliaferro'sdivision occupiedtrenches crossing theroad at this point,March 15-16, 1865.
Constituted in 1756 as Particular Baptist. Stephen Hollingsworth, first minister. Present (1859) building 2 mi. E.
Prior to the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, forces of Gen. James Moore, Whig commander camped, Feb.15~21,1776, 1 ½ miles northeast.
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