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In memory of theConfederate Dead On Fames eternal camping groundTheir silent Tents are spread.Rest on embalmed & sainted deadDear as the blood ye gave. Nor shall your glory be forgotWhile Fame her record keepsOr honor points the hallowed spo…
First president of Consolidated U.N.C., 1932-1949. U.S. senator; U.N. mediator, India & Pakistan. Birthplace was 50 yds. W.
Negro novelist and short story writer, teacher and lawyer. Taught in a school which stood here.
Free black cobbler & minister. Built first Methodist church in Fayetteville. Died 1810. Buried 2 blocks north.
Second national bank opened branch in 1818 in Fayetteville. Bank operated, 1820-1835, in house one block east.
Colonial river port, incorporated in 1762. Later merged with Cross Creek to form the town of Fayetteville.
Acting Governor, 1854; Congressman, 1855-1861. Negotiated surrender of local U.S. arsenal in 1861. Grave 40 yds. SE.
Built in 1915 for the widows and daughters of state's Confederate veterans. Closed, 1981. Cemetery 300 yds. W.
Presbyterian. Founded by early Scottish settlers. Graves of Alexander MacPherson and T. H. Holmes, a Confederate general, 1 1/2 miles N.
Chartered 1956 as four-year liberal arts college. Opened September 1960. University since 2006.
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