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Possibly the second oldest worshipping Lutheran congregation in Indiana. Known as "Hubbles Church", it was mother church to many churches in this area. Original log church stood here, 1833-1855. Brick church stood west of this site, 1855-1905. Fra…
General Morgan and his raiders struck New Alsace on Monday, July 13, 1863. Here at St. Paul Church, Father Roman Weinzapfel was celebrating Mass at 8:30 a.m. when the Raiders stole his horses. Today, the church appears much as it did in 1863. Acro…
Marched east along this road on Monday, July 13, 1863 in his raid across Southern Indiana
Marched east along this road on Monday, July 13, 1863 in his raid across Southern Indiana
Built 1879 Original Design by Archibald M. Kennedy and Sons Additional Structural Supports added in the early 1900s to sustain heavier loads produced by Guilford's rail commerce Moved from Yorkridge Rd to park in 1960 Damaged by fire …
Erected 1821 by early settlers as a Methodist Church on land donated by John Ewbank. Services were held continuously for more than 125 years. Maintained by endowment fund.
Second Oldest Roman Catholic Church in Indiana. Established 1824. Original log meeting house replaced by frame church in 1842. First brick edifice erected 1847. Present church dedicated October 19, 1879.
On July 13, 1863, General Morgan's raiders looted a tavern in this Community. The Irish-born and agitated proprietor, James Murtaugh, protested, but without any luck. The tavern was an Inn with a dance hall on the second floor, which could be reac…
Marched east along this road on Monday, July 13, 1863 in his raid across Southern Indiana.
Born in Lawrenceburg, became a famous engineer who built the Eads Bridge arched over the Mississippi at St. Louis and jetties at New Orleans. During the Civil War President Lincoln commissioned him to design and build ironclad gunboats for the Uni…