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WORLD WAR II For God and CountryThis tablet is erected in honor of the men whoanswered their country'scall and gave their livesfor freedom
In Honor of the Soldiers ofthe American Revolutionburied in Dearborn County Their names are recorded in theCounty Auditor's OfficeBook 29 - Page 250.
KOREAN WARThis plaque is dedicatedin grateful remembranceof the men of DearbornCounty who served theirCountry in the Korean War.In God we trust
Dearborn CountyMedal of Honor Citations Civil War Name AwardedPvt. William Shepherd - - May 3, 1865Pvt. Frank Stolz - - July 9, 1894 Pvt. David H. Helms - - - July 26, 1894 Pvt. Thomas A. Blasdel - - - August 11, 1894 Pvt. John W. Co…
Originally called Forest Hill, Hillforest was completed in 1855 for local industrialist and steamboat owner Thomas Gaff and his family. Emigrants from Scotland in 1811, the six Gaff children moved with their mother to Aurora in the 1840s and becam…
Aurora was laid out by Jesse L. Holman, trustee for the "Aurora Association for Internal Improvements" in 1819. Judge Holman was an early statesman, preacher, educator, and Federal Justice.His son, U.S. Congressman William S. Holman served this di…
Formed by proclamation of Indiana Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison March 7, 1803. Named in honor of Major General Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War. The third county to be formed, it was originally much larger. Its present boundaries…
In Memory of our Vietnam Veterans Killed in Action Vietnam War 1959 - 1975 Dedicated July 4, 2000 Lary Dale Fogle · U.S. Army PFC - - Killed in Action December 20, 1965 - Saigon, South VietnamThomas George Denning · U.S.M.C. LCPL…
1812 · Jacob Horner buys lot #157, builds log tavern on corner. 1817 · Jesse Hunt leases Horner's Tavern. 1818 · Hunt purchases and removes log tavern. 1819 · Hunt builds first 3-story brick building in Indiana, Benj. …
1802 Lawrenceburgh First in New Modes of Transportation1802 - - Village of Lawrenceburgh founded in the Wilderness by Capt. Samuel C. Vance Commerce and travel are via the Ohio River. Pioneers constructed flatboats to carry goods to New Orleans …