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The area that became Decatur County played a major role in the First Seminole War. Located on the border with Spanish Florida, the region witnessed persistent violence and raiding between American settlers, Creeks and Seminoles in the early ninete…
Decatur County was once a frontier region shared by the Creek and the Seminole Nations. The Creeks, comprised of dozens of loosely associate groups, lived primarily along the southern reaches of the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers in Alabama and Ge…
The Battle of Fowltown, fought just a few miles to the south of this spot, marked the beginning of the First Seminole War. Fowltown was a Seminole village led by Chief Neamathla which had been allied with the British during the War of 1812. It lay…
Conflict between Creeks, Seminoles and Americans continued in the years after the First Seminole War. Beginning in the 1820s in Florida, the United States pressured the Seminoles to relocate to the West. At the same time in Georgia and Alabama, th…
Erected on the site of Camp Recovery near which are buried officers and soldiers of the United States Army who died during the Indian Wars in the Flint River and Chattahoochee River countries [sic] 1817 to 1821
In Memory of Revolutionary SoldiersWho Settled and Died in Decatur County Joel Darcy Private - Capt. Bickham's CompanyMilitia of Burke Co., GA. Commanded by Col. Asa Emanuel Thomas Fain Private - N. Carolina LineFought in Battle of Kin…
Here passed the trail used by General Andrew Jackson and his troops on his way to Fort Hughes [now Bainbridge] and Fort Scott fourteen miles southwest during the First Seminole Indian War, March 8, 1818
This property was given to the Attapulgus Cemetery Inc. on Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001, by Dr. and Mrs. Charles Ross Hatcher Jr., To the Glory of God, Our Father, And in memory of his parents, Charles Ross and Vivian Miller Hatcher Sr. ATTAPU…
The Bainbridge Volunteers Later The Bainbridge Independents Organized 1859, by Captain Charles G. Campbell, assembled here in March 1861 and entered service under the command of Captain John W. Evans as Company G, 1st Georgia Regiment
Perpetual Care FoundationLot given by J. H. Gibson 1850Pleasant Grove Presbyterian ChurchCemetery 1854 Resolution 1966Record Decatur Co, GA.In Memory Gibson, Chestnut, Cook,Pound & others by descendants.Initial gift W.P. Cook $1,000Church lot sal…