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Founded by Gilbert Carpenter in 1809 between Big and Little Walnut Creeks for milling purposes
Benajah Cook and the families who settled in Harlem Township, Delaware County are honored for creating a community of productive farms. The Benajah and Cassandra Cook family arrived when the land was forested and settled on 500 acres of the 4,…
Major General William Starke Rosencrans. W.S. Rosecrans, soldier, engineer, architect and inventor, was born in Kingston Township in 1819. After graduation from West Point in 1842, he served in the Engineering Corps then taught at West Point. A…
Lucy Depp Park was a 102-acre development named for Lucinda Depp (1844-1929). She had inherited the land from her father, Abraham (1791-1858), an emancipated African American man and central Ohio pioneer from Powhattan County, Virginia. Known hist…
Side ANo one was more fiercely committed to the Underground Rail Road than former slaves.They knew first-hand the darkness and despair of bondage. Such was Abraham Depp (1791- 1858), known as Abram, born a slave on a tobacco plantation in Powh…
First Jain Temple in Central Ohio "Souls render service to one another" The Jain Center of Central Ohio was established on May 12, 1991. The foundation stone of the Jain temple, the first of its kind in Central Ohio, was laid down on O…
Two blocks east - site of Pluggy's Town A larger Mingo town of the Revolutionary period, and a constant menace to settlers east and south of the Ohio. Here noted Indian Chief Logan lived for some years.
In memory E.A.France H.Morrison H.Pheneger R.M.Thomas E.A.France Post No. 144
In the late days of September, 1776, negotiators William Wilson and Joseph Nicholson left Fort Pitt which is today Pittsburgh. Their goal was to convince the tribes north and west of the Ohio not to join forces with the British. For support, the n…
Near this location was a large Mingo town of significance during the Revolutionary period of the 1770's. The chief was Te-caugh-ye-te-righ-to, known to the settlers as Pluggy. The village consisted of perhaps 300 inhabitants. Among them were Delaw…