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Established in autumn 1839 by Lt. Col. R.B. Mason and 1st Dragoons, U.S. Army, and named in honor of Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Abandoned on May 15, 1842. Here in July 1861 Col. Stand Watie established a Confederate army post and organize…
Stand Watie was only American Indian to attain rank of Brigadier General during Civil War and was last Confederate General to surrender. Born in Georgia, December 12, 1806. He spoke only the Cherokee language until he was twelve years of age. When…
Louis Rolston Jr., the cemetery's namesake, a Cherokee Indian, was born in Georgia September 10, 1838. He enlisted in the Federal Army in 1862 and served under Col. John D. Allen in Company K. of the 16th Regiment. He participated in the Battles o…