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Established by Fr. Dumortier, frontier missionary First Mass December, 1864 Catholic mission for Irish Settlers and Native Americans Used as a school and community meeting place Destroyed by tornado on June 11, 2008 ———…
The grateful members of the American Legion Post 240 dedicate this monument to keep alive the memories of all men and women who served the United States of America in peace and war Dedicated July 4, 2005
developed from a club organized in 1889 in Dickinson County High School by D. F. Shirk Science Teacher
The Butterfield Overland Dispatch was organized by Col. David Butterfield in early 1865 to carry freight and passengers from Atchison, Kansas to Denver, Colorado (via the 592 mile long Smoky Hill route). Relay stations were built every twelve mile…
Overland Trail over which were driven between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains the stage coaches and freight wagons of the Overland and Butterfield Lines, this Great Plains Highway was a thoroughfare for emigrant trains, gold seekers,…
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has been designated aNational Historic LandmarkThis site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America
This barn was constructed in 1873 by T.C. Henry, the first Mayor of Abilene. The structure was moved to this site in 1961. It was donated to Old Abilene Town by Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Cruse.
has been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
Quivira—————Juan de PadillaMartyr for the FaithYielded his life herein 1542—————Coronado 1541J.V. Brower 1896