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[Roll of Honored Dead] Delbert LeRoy Trube JrPFC - US Marine CorpsAug 18 1947 - Mar 5 1966 Dennis Leon AndersonLt JG - US NavyOct 24 1942 - Jan 11 1968 Jimmie Lester ToddMSgt- US Army15 Engr Bn 9 Inf DivSep 6 1930 - Feb 28 1968 James I…
This monument is dedicated to the men and women who gave of themselves and far too often their lives to foster and perpetuate the American dream. To those who conceived our Constitution, those who wrote it, and those who fashioned the quills. …
Native limestone and benchmark from the Herington Rock Island Depot that was on the State Register of Historic Places. Razed - March 23, 1988.
In 1540 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado marched north from Mexico with 300 Spaniards in search of the "Seven Golden Cities of Cibola." With them were several priests, including Juan de Padilla, a Franciscan friar. When the golden cities proved to be…
Used for fire, storm warnings, marshall call & council meetings.
The Navarre Church of the Brethren was organized in 1869 at a site approximately 850 feet east of here. The last service was a homecoming August 19, 2001. The church bell was donated and moved to Navarre Cemetery in 2005.
Smashed Bar in this buildingJanuary 23, 1901
Pioneer & Founder ofThe J. B. Ehrsam and SonsManufacturing Company
This post commemorates and marks the first terminus of the old Chisholm Cattle Trail, which extended from Brownsville, Texas, some 1,000 miles to the south. This post is identical to 400 Trail posts placed across Oklahoma (Indian Territory) by Bob…