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Chartered on September 17, 1868 by the newly created Grand Lodge of Nevada, their first Worshiper Master was Robert W. Bollen. In early 1873 they purchased this building in a partially finished condition. It was subsequently completed in November …
Near this spot stood theGenoa or "Mormon Station"of the Pony Express1860 - 1861St. Joseph, MissouriTo Sacramento, California._________ Dedicated June 9, 1934By Citizens of Nevada.Under Leadership Minden Rotary Club
TheTerritorial EnterpriseWas founded at GenoaDecember 8, 1858 Mark TwainBegan his career asA writer on its staff———————Placed December 8, 1938University of NevadaPress Club
[Front of Marker:]GenoaOriginal Home StationApril 3, 1860 - Aug. 30, 1860Relay StationSep. 1, 1860 - Nov. 20, 1861ByTown of GenoaGenoa Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarson Valley Historical SocietyPony Express Trail Association [Back of Marker:]Mand…
In 1863, Al Livingston built this building and called it Livingston's Exchange. In 1884, Frank Fettic bought it and renamed it Fettic's Exchange. He operated it as a "Gentlemen's Saloon" allowing no rough stuff or excessive drinking. It subsequent…
Built 1855 by Col. John Reese, who established a trading post, Mormon Station, (Genoa) alongEmigrant Trail to California. Genoa becomes first settlement in Nevada. For over 145 years The Pink House has been afamous Nevada landmark.
On this tree, early morning Nov. 26, 1897 occurred the blackest episode in the history of Nevada. Adam Uber of Calaveras Co. Cal. was forcefully taken from jail abused and hanged by an angry mob, for the pistol killing of Hans Anderson a local tea…
Built in the early 1900's and known at that time as the "Nevada Consolidated Telephone and Telegraph Company," onlyfive telephone lines were originally installed in Gardnerville. "Long Distance Connections Available" was printed in the Gardnervill…
This was the name given to the present Centerville Lane on the 22nd day of October 1894 when it was declared a public road by order of the county commissioners. Opening of the road was made contingent on the willingness of ranchers along the secti…
(back) The Pony Express Started on April 3, 1860. The original route from Johnson Pass (Echo Summit) to Genoa went through Hope Valley to Woodfords Station. On May 14, 1860 the new toll road over Daggett Pass opened to foot and horse traffic an…