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Site of the mission and pueblo of Nuestra Se?ora de la Concepci?n Del Pueblo de Socorro established by Don Antonio de Otermin and Father Fray Francisco Ayeta, O.F.M. in 1683. Maintained by Franciscan missionaries for the civilizing and Christianiz…
For more than 200 years the Camino Real, or Royal Road, was the major route for transporting commercial goods from Mexico City and Chihuahua to Santa Fe and Taos. First traveled by Juan de O?ate during his 1598 expedition to New Mexico, the Camino…
Although the exact building date for this adobe masonry structure is unknown, it appears to have been constructed during the 1870s for Benigno Alderete (1845-1916). Born in Ysleta (now part of El Paso), Alderete served at various times as a Texas …
Established byDon Antonio de OterminandFray Francisco Ayeta O.F.M.in 1682Maintained byFranciscan missionariesfor the civilizing and Christianizingof the Tigua Indians,Pueblo Revolt refugees
Originally founded in 1613 at Isleta Pueblo, in New Mexico, and dedicated in 1621 as San Antonio De Isleta. Removed to El Paso area, 1680 (during Pueblo revolt), by Tigue Indians who brought along the Patron Saint as they accompanied fleeing Spani…
This seven-story commercial building was constructed in 1917 by businessmen M. D. Roberts and William Martin Banner, for whom it was named. Designed by the architectural firm of Brauhton and Leibert, it features Chicago style detailing in the use …
Approximate site ofthe Mission and Pueblo ofSan AntonioDe SenecuEstablished by Don Antonio De Otermin and Father Fray Francisco Ayeta. O.F.M. in 1682 - maintained by Franciscan missionaries for the civilizing and christianizing of Piro and Tompiro…
Born in Austin, Texas1856Killed by banditsJune 30, 1893near San Elizariowhile commandingCompany DTexas Rangers
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done.
Known as Concordia during the 1840s, this area was the home of Chihuahua trader Hugh Stephenson. In 1856 his wife, Juana (Ascarate), was buried in what is now part of Concordia Cemetery. The graveyard gained widespread use in the 1880s when El Pas…
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