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Due to overcrowding in the existing jail facility, this structure was completed in 1888. The Ellis County Commissioners Court awarded the contract to Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri. A round turret with conical…
Soldier in the Texas Army in 1836 · Born in Tennessee June 17, 1808 · Died November 24, 1880 His wife Stacy Choate Jordan Born in Tennessee, October 15, 1816 · Died January 27, 1884
Served in the Army of Texas in 1836 · Born in Alabama, September 10, 1810 · Died January 11, 1885 His wife Isabella Weir McDaniel Born in Alabama, March 8, 1818 · Died May 4, 1897
A soldier in the Army of Texas in 1836 · Born in Tennessee, Feb- ruary 2, 1804; died October 15, 1891 His wife Mary Hardeman Born in Tennessee, February 12, 1812 · Died February 19, 1857
3 miles northeast from here was buried General Edward H. Tarrant Veteran of the War of 1812, member of the Texas Congress and a courageous Indian fighter · Born in North Carolina, 1796 · Died in Parker County, Texas, …
Named in honor of Thomas Jefferson Chambers (1802-1865) to whom the first land grant within present Ellis County was made in 1834 by the Mexican government Also known as Howe's Settlement in honor of William R. Howe, first settler in the r…
Founded 1875. Site for church and cemetery was given on Dec. 27, 1875, by local landowners John and Elizabeth Gibbons. This tract and some later purchases were deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Church and cemetery were named in ho…
Originally comprised of men from Ellis and surrounding counties. Organized for Civil War service at Rockett's Spring (4 mi. E. of this site), Sept. 1861, unit was trained and commanded by Col. William H Parsons, Mexican War veteran, colorful dueli…