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First Jail in Wetumpka
April 8, 1938 On this day, the Coosa Rive Rose to this level at this location after heavy rainfall over the Coosa River Basin. For more information, contact: National Weather Service Birmingham, Alabama www.srh.noaa.gov.bmx Southeast Ri…
Side 1 Brigadier General Birkett Davenport Fry, CSA (1822-1891) In his lifetime General Birkett D. Fry was a cadet at Virginia Military Institute and West Point; 1st Lt. (U.S. Infantry) in Mexican War; lawyer in California; mercenary-soldier …
W. B. Doby served as the first President of the Elmore County Teachers Association, Principal of Elmore County Training School, and as an ordained minister in the A.M.E. Church. Local leaders dedicated this school for African-American students on …
(north side) Tukabatchee On this bend of the Tallapoosa River, stretching out before you, lay one of the ancient towns of the Muscogee Creek People, called Tukabatchee. Tukabatchee is one of the original four mother towns of the Creek Confeder…
1940One half mile from this siteis the home ofWilliam Lowndes Yancey1814-1863American StatesmanSouthern Secession LeaderSilver Tongued Orator
A Recreation CenterforMillbrook, Robinson Springs, and CoosadaMemorial CenterDedicated as a living memorial to the boyswho lost their lives in the service of theircountry during World War II1941 — 1945 Frank Hilliard Blakey · Calvi…
Robinson Springs Camp1861-1865ConfederatesThese lent our cause it's Holy Consecration (List of 186 Confederate soldiers)
— grave 300 yards —First governor of Alabama1819-1820Only governor of Alabama Territory1817-1819 Born in Amelia County, Va., Oct. 2, 1781In U.S. Congress from Georgia 1805-1813Moved here from Elbert County, Ga., 1817 Buried in …
First governor of Alabama— Buried 2 miles east —Only governor of Alabama Territory1817-1819First governor of state1819-1820 Died in office after riding accident.Succeeded by brother, Thomas Bibb.