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At this site the Lake Shore Electric Railway crossed a bridge that spanned the Vermilion River. The western abutment of the former bridge is plainly visible just below along the river bank. Widely known as the "Greatest Electric Railway" in the Un…
In 1810 Snow's grist millwas built near here.Unfailing water supply broughtpeople from great distancesto Cold Creek mills.Snow's family was massacredby Indians in 1813
Welcome to the Glacial Grooves State Memorial. This memorial, containing of three and one-half acres on Kelleys Island, has been administered by the Ohio Historical Society since 1932. Impressive is size and shape, these glacial grooves are of …
Between three and four hundred years ago, Ohio pre-historic Indians, believed to be of the Erie tribe, pecked numerous inscriptions or pictographs on the top surface of this large native limestone rock. The figures, now nearly obliterated by the e…
[Marker Front]:The first Venice flour mill was built on this site in 1822. Russell Heywood of Buffalo bought the mill in 1831 and rebuilt it in 1833. Fed by water from underground springs, the mill was in almost constant operation. Farmers from th…
Erected by the British near this junction in 1761; destroyed during Pontiac's Conspiracy of 1763. The fort was strategically located near Indian towns and trading posts on the Great Indian trail between Detroit and Pittsburgh.
Cedar Point became a popular beach resort in the late 1870's, when visitors traveled to the peninsula by steamboat from Sandusky. The Grand Pavilion (1888), the oldest building in the park, dates from this era. Promoter George Boeckling formed the…