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An original headframe from the Combination Mine, on the Combination No. 1 claim, located by Alva D. Myers and R.C. Earl on May 26, 1903. In 1989 it was moved to this location from approximately 1/4 mile mile east, in the Goldfield Mining District,…
Built 1906Beer Hall Destroyed Great 1923 FireCarl Fuetsch, Proprietor
Goldfield, being the largest city in Nevada in 1907, established three railroad lines to accommodate the growing population: the Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad, the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad, and the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad. The Las Ve…
If you're looking for Grandpa you found him - about 26 miles south of Tonopah on US 95 - where you're standing right now. Gran Pah, in Shoshone, means "great water," and was the first name given to the mining district founded by two n…
Formerly the Methodist Episcopal Church Built 1912 Dedicated March 30, 1914
Goldfield came to be, and nearly vanished back into the sagebrush of the desert, an almost a decade. From its humble beginnings in 1902 of only three small mining claims, also known as grubstakes, the town exploded and was the largest city in the …
1908West Side Elementary School 1910 Manual training & domestic science classes 1917-1920 Goldfield School of Mines 1931 Was used by Novackclub Inc. as a golf club factory 1945 The building & adjacent land was purchased by the Nev.…
The remnants of Columbus are located on the edge of the Columbus salt marsh, five miles to the southwest. The town was initially settled in 1865, when a quartz mill was erected at the site. This was a favorable location for a mill, because it w…
Home of Blanche SpragueOrganizing Regent of NevadaFebruary 12, 1910
This area once had a saloon, store and roadhouse. A post office was applied for in 1899, but did not open. Please Respect This Site Privately Owned By Pigeon Spring Ranch