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Site of Port Henry's first tavern 1826. This building erected as Pease House 1850
Erected in 1824 by Major James Dalliba Converted into Stove Works in 1827.
In memory of those who gave their lives for their country in World War I and World War II. They shall, by their sacrifices, live forever among us. We honor the brave men and women of the Town of Essex who served our country in both World W…
John Brown Occupied House on This Site in 1848-50 While Clearing the Land Now Known as John Brown's Farm
In memory of Kate Smith 1907-1986. A legend of radio, records, stage, television, and screen and a Lake Placid resident for forty summers. "God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home"
Dedicated on February 14, 1980 during the XIII Olympic Winter Games to the memory of Norway's greatest figure skater Sonja Henie (1912-1969). Holder of 10 World Championships, 3 Olympic Gold Medals, the second awarded in Lake Placid at the 1932 Wi…
To the memory ofSAMUEL CHAMPLAINIntrepid navigatorScholarly explorerChristian pioneerErected by the State of New York andthe State of Vermontin commemoration of his discovery of the lakewhich bears his name.
John Brown of OsawatomieHere Lies BuriedJohn BrownBorn at Torrington, ConnecticutMay 9th, 1800He emigrated to Kansas in 1855 where he took an active part in the contest against the pro-slavery party. He gained in August 1856 a victory at Osawatomi…
To Honor the Memory of Henry J. KaiserThe famous industrialist and philanthropist who operated a studio and photo shop on thissite from 1901 to 1905Brownell and Kaiser"Meet The Man with a Smile"He returned in June 1949 with Guy Lombardoand two spe…
Here on February 13, 1980The XIII Winter Olympic Gameswere opened by Vice President of the United States Walter F. Mondale and here the sacred Olympic Flame was brought from Olympia, Greece to shed its light for twelve days on the Quadrennial rene…
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