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In 1876, George W. Tillet, along with other area men who served with Mosby's Rangers during the Civil War, formed a Baptist Church with services held in his home. Subsequently, they built a one-room church on this site in 1877 which was replaced b…
The original portion was built of logs and contained a huge stone fireplace still visible today. Modified through the years its most illustrious moment in history as during the Civil War years 1862, when it served as General Pope's headquarters.
Built in 1871 as the Clifton Old School Primitive Baptist Church, it is the oldest African-American church in Fairfax County. The town of Clifton was initially inhabited by emancipated slaves and the church was built on land donated by one of them…
The founder of American Red Cross Clara H. Barton nursed the wounded and dying soldiers from the Second Battle of Manassas and the engagement near Chantilly
During the Civil War, the Orange & Alexandria Railroad was strategically important to both the Union and the Confederate armies. Sangster's Station, located 1-3/4 miles to your right where Colchester Road crosses under the railroad tracks, was the…
"From a pin to a plow" was the Buckley Brothers' motto for their general store which was the largest store between Alexandria and Front Royal at one time. Since the Clifton School did not own a scale, the scales in the store were used to…
Placed by Providence Chapter, NSDAR. 1985 Site of Payne's Church Church of England..... 1768
Your body has a heart and blood vessels to carry nutrients to your tissues, lungs to breathe, kidneys to filter out pollutants, and skin to protect you. When you look closely at Dyke Marsh, you can find natural systems that do all the same things.…
When George Washington surveyed the future site of Alexandria in 1749, he described this area as a "fine improvable marsh." Do you think that ideas about improving marshlands have changed since Washington's time? How can we improve Dyke …
Nearly 300 different kinds of birds find food, shelter, or a rest stop in Dyke Marsh. Birds that migrate thousands of miles along the Atlantic Flyway rest here on their way to winter homes in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. H…
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