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[ Inscribed around the bronze base ]Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of Danbury 1776 1861 1898 1917 Donald E. Curran SC
To commemorate the battle fought on andnear this point between the British forcesand the American Patriots, April 28, 1777. Ordnance presented by U.S. Government and erected July 4, 1901
To Commemorate theheroism of the Patriotswho defended theircountry when the Britishinvaded this State April 25-1777. General David WoosterColonel Abraham Gouldand more than one hundredContinentals fell in theengagements commencingat Danbury and cl…
Built in 1740 by Capt. ThomasNash for Zachariah Burr, Aaron Burr's brother. It was An inn during during the Revolution.
Here occurred the first engagement between the Continentals and the British Troops when they invaded Connecticut, April - 25 - 1777
Newtown RemembersWith Grateful Prayers AndSolemn Vows Her Sacred DeadHer Honored Living WhoVentured All Unto DeathThat We Might Live A RepublicWith Independence A NationWith Union Forever A WorldWith RighteousnessAnd Peace For All
One Mile South AtCompo Beach2000 British TroopsLanded April 25, 1777For Raid on Danbury
This area, then known as Quanneapague, was purchased from the Pohtatuck Indians in 1705. Settled from Stratford and incorporated in 1711, Newtown was a stronghold of Tory settlement during the early Revolutionary War. French General Rochambeau and…
This monument is dedicated to the brave men and women of the town of Bethel who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully served their country. We honor and express gratitude for their courage and the sacrifices they made to keep America a f…
Erected ByTheCommunityAssociationOf BethelIn Honor Of HerWar Veterans1928