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Dedicated to theMen and Women ofBrookfield whoServed in ourCountry's ArmedService in DefenseOf our Freedom
Congregational Society ofGreen's Farms established byConnecticut General Court toConduct Religious and SecularAffairs in West Parish ofFairfield. Continuous servicesHeld since June 12, 1711. Present Meeting House Dedicated 1853.
In memory of the courageous men who founded the first settlement ofthe Town of Greenwichin the Connecticut ColonyJuly 18-1640Everardus Bogardus · John Bowers · Robert Feaks · Jeffre Ferris · Angell Husted · Rober…
On this site stood the Guard House of 1778-9. A soldier was shot & killed by the sentry on duty when attempting to escape.
In memoryof theUnknown Heroesburied here.
Front of Monument:Erected to commemoratethe Winter Quarters of Putnam's Division of theContinental Army.Nov. 7th 1778.May 25th 1779. Right of Monument:PutnamMcDougalPoorParsonsHuntington Back of Monument:The men of ?76who suffered here,to pr…
Donated A.D. 1969bysculptress Anna Hyatt Huntingtonin her 93rd yearin timeless memorial toIsrael PutnamSenior Major General in the Continental Army who at Greenwich, Connecticut, in February of 1779, made good a dramatic mounted escape from pursui…
Built 1892, moved to this location 1895. Renamed Old Greenwich Railroad Station 1931. Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.
Under the jurisdiction of the New Haven Colony, the first settlers in 1640 purchased land from the Siwanoy Indians. Under New Amsterdam's protection, this settlement was a dutch manor during 1642-56. In the years 1656-65, it was combined with the …
On July 18, 1640, Daniel Patrick and Robert Feaks landed on these shores in the name of the New Haven Colony to start a new settlement, later called Greenwich. This neck of land is called Elizabeth's Neck after Mrs. Feaks. The anchor above this…
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