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Colonel Ebenezer Zane played a major role in the development of Ohio, a role that helped place it on the path to statehood. A veteran of the Revolutionary War and experienced road builder, he received permission from Congress in 1796 to build a ro…
In MemoriamofAll Veterans
In honor U.V.L. of USAG. H. PlayfordDavid DavisB. M. O'Boylan Dedicated Sep. 12. 1918
In honor and tribute toveterans of all wars Dedicated November 11, 1973
These trees are a living memorialto members who made the supremesacrifice for American Ideals. Lt Ross Frazier Lt Paul Hughes Planted April 23 1939Dedicated May 30 1947
Erected in grateful appreciationby Citizens ofBremen and Communityto our men and women,who answered their countrys [sic] callin World Wars One and Two. These gave their lives World War OneGeorge BighamEmil D. BlosserWillis L. BurnworthJohn F…
Stone from area ofWesley Chapel · 1806First edifice of theBremen UnitedMethodist ChurchFirst trusteesZebulon HollidayGeorge BlosserEli Gardner
Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Thurston was the railroad town which everybody knew. The town was the only place in southeast Ohio which a train could turn around 360 degrees and choose which track it would want to go on. Thurston had a …
Side A:This Carnegie Library was built in 1916 with funds from the Carnegie Corporation. It was constructed and furnished from a Carnegie Corporation grant of $10,000. Pickerington was one of the smallest of the 1,946 communities in the United Sta…
In honor of the men and women of the Armed Services of the United States who so valiantly defend our country's honor in times of war and of peace, and at home or on distant shores.Dedicated on Armed Forces Day, May 18, 1991. Special recognition to…