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Residence of James Burnie Beck. Born Dumfriesshire, Scot., 1822, died Washington, D.C., 1890. Law partner John C. Breckinridge. Congressman from Ky., 1867-75. U.S. Senator from Ky. 1876-90.
For three years (1821-1824) while a student at Transylvania University Jefferson Davis (afterwards President of Southern Confederacy) lived here with Joseph Ficklin then Postmaster of Lexington.
Historic home of Henry ClayOrator - Statesman - Patriot Kentucky's favorite sonBorn - 1777 Died - 1852.
Lexington Public LibraryFirst library west of the Alleghenies was est. in Lex. in 1795 as a subscription library. The Women's Club of Central Ky. worked for a free public library, and, in 1902, Andrew Carnegie gave $60,000 to build Lex. Public Lib…
Here on May 14, 1825, General LaFayette was entertained by Major John Keene who had served as his aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War.
Home of John Hunt Morgan"Thunderbolt of the Confederacy"Born Huntsville, Ala. 6-1-1825Killed Greeneville, Tenn. 9-4-1864Lieutenant - Kentucky Volunteers in Mexican War 1846-1847 Major General - C.S.A., 1861-1864.
Slavery in Fayette Co.On the N.E. corner of the Fayette County Courthouse lawn stood the whipping post established in 1847 to punish slaves for such offenses as being on the streets after 7 p.m. Fayette Co. was one of the largest slave-holding cou…
The Men of Fayette County who gave their lives in Service During the World War. [First column]Fred M. Blakeman · Don Mullis Burris · Marshall Corum · Harry W. Cunningham · Johnson Clay Eales · Clarence R. Gaug…
(Front):John Cabell Breckinridge, 1821-75, one of four Kentuckians - more than any state, except New York - who were U.S. Vice Presidents. Others were Adlai E. Stevenson, Richard M. Johnson, and Alben W. Barkley. In U.S. Congress, 1851-55. Elected…
Lexington CourthousesEast of Cheapside is the public square, where courthouses of Lexington ahve stood since 1788. The present edifice is fifth fourthouse, the fourth on this site. It was built during 1898-1900, after fire destroyed fourth courtho…
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