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First furnace west of the Alleghenies. Built 1789 on banks of nearby Jacob's Creek, its ruins are still observable. Supplied iron for Wayne's campaign in 1794 against the Indians.
This tablet marks a well preserved scar of the Old Braddock Trail, one of the most historic pioneer highways in all America.Here, Nemacolin and his associates blazed the trail that became a National Highway. Here, passed the laden pack horse t…
General Braddock's twelfth camp, June 28, 1755, on the march to Fort Duquesne, was north of here, near the Youghiogheny River. On June 30, the army forded the River at Stewart's Crossing to a point about one-half mile northwest of present-day Conn…
Built as a blockhouse in 1774-78 by John Mason. It was a settler's fefuge in Revolutionary days. The site of the fort was nearby. Later rebuilt on Main Street as a dwelling.
Born May 6, 1853 in a house still standing on Front Street. Attorney-General in 1901, leading the anti-trust fight. A U.S. Senator, 1904-09. Secretary of State under Taft. Re-elected Senator in 1917. Died in 1921.
John A. Brashear, astronomer, educator, was born here 1840. His grandfather kept the Brashear House, a leading tavern. In 1825 Lafayette spoke from its doorway to the people of Brownsville.
General Braddock's tenth camp, June 26, 1755, on the march to Fort Duquesne, was at the Half King's Rock, one mile NE of here. The Rock was named for Washington's friend Tanacharisson, the Iroquois viceroy (half king) of the Ohio Indians. Washingt…
Remnant of the Great Rock or the Half King's Rock mentioned by early cartographers. The famous Washington-Braddock Road emerging from Laurel Hill Mountain one hundred yards eastward turned northward at this point. Rock Fort Camp, where Bra…
This spring lies in the direct path of what was known as Nemacolin's Trail. Afterwards Braddock's Road, and was a favorite sampling spot in early days.George Washington visited here first in November, 1753, and again in May, 1954. On the night of …
General Braddock's army ascended the ridge east of this point and advanced toward Gist's Plantation. Col. Dunbar's detachment, following with the heavy baggage, made its last camp here. Later, as Braddock's defeated army streamed back, Dunbar dest…