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In memory ofGeneral the HonorableSir Galbraith Lowry Cole, G.C.B.Colonel of the 27th Regiment Pyrenees · Nivelle · OrthezToulouse · Oliven?a · AlbueraSalamanca · Vittoria · MartiniqueGuadaloupe ·…
In this house the story of St. Patrick meeting the legends and spiritual traditions of the Celtic People in Ireland is presented. St. Patrick became familiar with them during his time of captivity. The Celtic Religion of IrelandBefore St. Patri…
Our Glorious Dead1914 - 19181939 - 1945 [Roll of Honored Dead]
The town takes its name from the Irvine family who were the landlords of the district and came from Bonshaw in Scotland in the 17th century. They lived at Castle Irvine which today is known as Necarne Castle. The town was first known as Lowthersto…
In 1836 the Poor Law Enquiry found that over one third of people in Ireland were dependent on the potato as their main source of food. The population had grown to 8.2 million by 1841, and was vulnerable to any failure of the potato crop. The Great…