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This Memorial Is Dedicated To Those Veterans Who In Time Of National Need Have Faithfully Served Their Country And To Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice.
Founded in 1937 as Marine Studios The World's First Oceanarium. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places April 14, 1986 by the Keeper of the National Register, United States Department of the Interior.
This Monument Is Dedicated In Gratitude To Our Service Members Who Have Served In Operation Desert Storm And Other Wars From The Citizens Of Flagler County July 4, 1991 By The Welcome Home Committee
In the 1920s the automobile revolutionized the American way of life. It transformed the nations economy and gave hard working Americans a way to explore beyond their local geography. Families were able to go on weekend vacations to places previous…
He delighted audiences all across the country with his Southern Gothic tall tales and intricate guitar style, and through his example, inspired high aspirations, personal dignity, and respect for Florida and humanity. Drowned off this beach try…
In Honor Of Veterans Of All Wars
This magnolia tree is dedicated to the memory of those military members that have gone missing in action or were listed as prisoners of war. These personnel were from any service in active combat units serving in any war or hostile action agai…
The Philippine American Association of Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida, wholeheartedly dedicated this Memorial Tree in honor of the Fallen Heroes of the Philippines and United States of America who fought as allies during World War II. …
Dedicated to those brave hearted men and women who have honorably served this great nation and have suffered and continue to battle the "Invisible Wounds Of PTSD/TBI." "Let their service and sacrifice never be forgotten."
On September 11, 2001, four hijacked commercial air liners were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, DC and a field in rural Pennsylvania in what would come to be realized as the most devastatin…