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Birch - Colvert Cemetery Also Known As Stone Bluff Cemetery Beneath this hallowed ground rests the souls of many long-forgotten loved ones. Their gravestones destroyed by the hand of man: and the physical boundaries of the original burial gro…
Silver Island Cemetery Established 1832 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2013 Indiana Historical Bureau and Silver Island Cemetery Association
Welcome ToVeedersburgHome of Brick Yard thatmanufactured the bricksthat built theIndianapolis 500 Mile Trackin 1909
Welcome ToVeedersburgHome of Brick Yard thatmanufactured the bricksthat built theIndianapolis 500 Mile Trackin 1909
Historic Landmarksof Fountain Countyaward presented to Daniel and Gloria Llewellyn for the restorationand preservation of the Twentieth Century Functional Commercial BuildingC. 1900
Fountain County Court House 1937 Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Historic Landmarksof Fountain County award presented to David and Judy Jones for the restorationand preservation of the Nineteenth Century Functional Commercial BuildingC. 1885
David J. Ratliff platted his farm land just North of State Street through which the new Chicago, Attica, & Southern railway passed. The town was named after the foreman of the construction crew. The town South of State Street was Fountainville unt…
Erected by the town of Veedersburg in memory of Cal Scherer who used old Curfew Bell over 30 years. —Board of Trustees: Leon L. Ewbank, L. R. Owens M.D., Leon Wiggins.
Built 1934 for "Boy Scouts"by W.P.A. - Local WorkersGuy Smith - Project Mgr.Logs - Walter Marshall FarmBricks - Veedersbrg Paving