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Teddy Roosevelt's Journal Walk. . Welcome to TR's Journal Walk - the Barnum Brook Trail. . While Teddy Roosevelt was a teenager in the 1870's, he visited Paul Smiths Hotel four times and honed his skills as a naturalist, with special interest in…
Cultural Heritage- Ancient cultures flourished on abundant natural resources along the Seaway Trail. First InhabitantsNative people have lived here for thousands of years, using the natural resources found on land and in water. Akwesasne is one of…
First named French Mills in the 1790's by immigrant settlers who came from lower Canada to work in the Robertson and Buchanan Mills on the Salmon River. In 1817 it was renamed Fort Covington in honor of Brigadier General Leonard Covington, who die…
Fort Covington, New York First called "French Mills". In 1812 changed to its present name in honor of Brig. Gen'l. Leonard Covington who lost his life in the War of 1812.
This memorial is dedicated by the Town of Ft. Covington to all who fought to obtain and preserve the freedom of this great nation
War of 1812 Site of winter quarters of General Wilkinson's Army after defeat at Chrysler's Field in War of 1812.
Site of first church in Westville Westville Free Church Erected in 1837
On this building site was the headquarters of General Jacob Brown American Army officer during winter of 1813-14 in War of 1812
War of 1812 On this site, a former hotel, was held the funeral of Brig. Gen'l. Leonard Covington, a casualty of the Battle of Chrysler's Field.
On this site was built in 1812 a blockhouse used to shelter sick and wounded after the retreat from Chryslers Field in 1813