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Built in 1904, the Cowan Railroad Depot handled travelers bound for Nashville and Chattanooga, as well as Sewanee and the Cumberland Plateau, until it closed in 1971. In 1976 the depot was moved from Tennessee Avenue to its present location, now h…
In Memoriam MARY SHARP COLLEGE1851-1896Pres. Z.C. Graves A.M. L.L.D.MOTTO; LEARN TO THINKFirst womens' college in America to require Greek and Latin for Bachelors DegreeJohn Eaton M.S. Commissioner of EducationJuly 5, 1884Original Mary Sharp bell
Soldier of the American RevolutionSpeaker of the First Tennessee LegislatureBrigadier General, War of 1812The town of Winchester was created as the seat of justice for Franklin County, November 22, 1809, by Act of the Tennessee Legislature Mark…
Memorial contains names of soldiers from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
In memory of COLONEL JAMES LEWISBorn April 6, 1756 Albemarle County VirginiaDied February 21, 1849 Franklin County Tennessee Served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. Participated in the Battles of White Plains, Trenton, Princeton, Brandyw…
The first permanent settler in what later became Franklin Co., he established a forge and gunsmith shop in a cave on Caney Hollow Branch, about three miles north, shortly after 1800. A gunsmith of great ability, his 45-inch long rifles became famo…
The homestead which David Crockett occupied and named in 1812 is now marked by a well standing in a field 3-1/2 miles south and to the east of this road. From here he went to the Creek War; his first wife died here. In 1816 he married Elizabeth Pa…
Lived here. He came to Franklin Co. in 1872 from Ohio. In 1892, with the aid of J. B. Killebrew, agricultural agent of the N. C. & St. L. RR. and former State Commissioner of Agriculture, he imported from France the first crimson clover seed, ther…
4-½ mi. S.E., near Liberty, Francis Joseph Campbell lived as a boy. Blinded in 1836, when 4 years old, he was educated in the first class of the State School for the Blind, later in Boston and Europe. Settling in England, his success in educa…
1.2 miles north. In 1810, this was a leading cotton-producing region. The brick building, built around 1825, housed a thread mill, which utilized the water power of Bean's Creek. It operated sporadically until about 1890.