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The 184-mile C&O Canal, where mule-drawn barges once lumbered alongside the Potomac River, provides a serene waterway for paddling and a towpath for hiking, biking and horseback riding.
For nearly a century, many of Frederick's African American residents were laid to rest here in the Laboring Sons Cemetery. As the name implies, they repaired the shoes, painted the houses, cleaned the stables, nursed the sick, and performed countl…
Originally located the edge of the city, this plot of land witnessed many changes as the neighborhood expanded around it. What is today a memorial was once a cemetery. The graves of scores of African Americans still lie beneath the surface. By…
Private in the MD Militia under Col. Henry Carberry in 1813, and in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 19, 1814. He fought at the Battle of North Point.
2nd Sergeant in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 10, 1814, and fought at the Battle of North Point.
Many of the early settlers of Myersville were farmers of German and English descent who saw the area as a place to establish themselves and continue the farming traditions they brought with them. From this fertile wilderness they carved out far…
Early settlers of Myersville brought with them more than their families and belongings. They also brought their religious traditions. The first church in the Myersville area was the Jerusalem Church north of town. Formed in the 1700s it serv…
On an autumn day in 1898, an electric railway car rolled into Myersville changing the way of life here and connecting the town with Middletown, Frederick and eventually Hagerstown. The Myersville and Catoctin Railway was built and paid for by …
Built in 1888, this Queen Anne building was constructed to house the Valley Saving Bank (VSB) until 1923, and then served as a U.S. Post Office until the 1960s. When the Post Office relocated, the building began functioning as a private residence.…
This Building Served As The Last H & F Trolley Station To Serve This Community H & F Trolley Service To Myersville Extended From 1898 To 1945.
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