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Poet, Writer, Life-Long Workerin the Irish Causewas born in this house Sept. 29. 1854.——·——"For peace of mind I'll never finduntil my own I callthat little Irish cail?nin her ould plaid shawl"
This, one of the finest prehistoric fortresses in Western Europe, consists of three dry-stone ramparts, and the remains of a fourth, the outermost of which encloses an area of 11 acres. Outside the second rampart there is a 30 foot band of uprigh…
Welcome to Port Corrúch Seal Colony [First part of the marker is about the seal colony along the coastline and is not transcribed] As you look across the North Sound you can see the Coast of Connemare and the Twelve pins of Connemara. Near by t…
John Ridgeway [sic] & Chay Bylthrowed the Atlantic in English Rose IIIfrom Orleans to Kilronan, Aran,Ireland 4th June 1966 - 3rd Sept. 1966Na laga dia iad