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1029 acres, purchased June 28, 1927, from John O. Thayer; from Hunter's License Fund, for the purpose of propagating game.
General Braddock's 4th camp on the march to Fort Duquesne June 17, 1755. Washington arrived here after Braddock's defeat July 15th, 1755. Washington also stopped here May 9th, 1754, July 7th or 8th, 1754, October 1st, 1770, November 26th, 1770 and…
The Casselman Inn. You are standing in front of the Casselman Inn, which was opened in 1842 by Solomon Sterner. This establishment has also been known as Sterner House, Drovers' Inn, Farmers' Hotel and Dorsey Hotel. There was a large outdoor corra…
Granstville's Main Street, designated today as Alt. Route 40, was once part of the National Road, the country's first federally funded highway. Visit our Town Park to learn more about the history of the National Road. Traffic on the National Ro…
The "Little Crossings" of the Little Youghiogeny River, now called Castleman's River). So called by George Washington when he crossed on June 19, 1755, with General Edward Braddock on the ill-fated expedition to Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh).
On the march to Fort Duquesne June 19th, 1755. By Washington's advice, Braddock pushed forward from Little Meadows to this camp with 1200 chosen men and officers leaving the heavy artillery and baggage behind to follow by easy stages under Colonel…
General Braddock's 6th camp on the march to Fort Duquesne Saturday and Sunday June 20th and 21st, 1755. Washington was forced to remain behind with a guard on account of "violent fevers" until cured by "Dr. James's Powders (one of the most excelle…
Built 1797. Oldest Structure in Garrett County.
". . . so many happy people, restless in the midst of abundance." —Alexis de Tocqueville, 1840. Americans are an adventurous people. Frompast to present, they have used feet, horses,wagons, stagecoaches, canals, railroads,bicycles, automo…
After stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia, early in May 1863, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee carried the war through Maryland, across the Mason and Dixon Line and into Pennsylvania. His infantry marched north throug…