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Still on its original site, the Reid's Grove School educated African American students in the Gatesville area. Completed on November 5, 1927 and closed in 1951, it was one of seven schools in Gates County (and one of over 800 in North Carolina) fi…
To our Confederate dead1861-1865 1915Confederate Monument OrganizationGates Co.To our Confederate soldiers. Gates Co. furnished the youngest general officer in the Confederates States Army. Wm. P. Roberts without military training was, upon …
A Confederate brigadier general at age 23, state auditor, a member of Convention of 1875. His grave is 700 yds. west.
The Gates County militia had its headquarters here in the 1836 Gates County Courthouse. When the war began, the Gates Guards were organized and were mustered into Confederate service here as Co. B, 1st North Carolina Infantry. Other Gates County u…
North Carolina Colonized, 1585-87, by first English settlers in America; permanently settled c. 1650; first to vote readiness for independence, Apr. 12, 1775 Virginia First permanent English colony in America, 1607; one of thirteen original st…
The road from New England to Charleston, over which mail was first carried regularly in North Carolina, 1738-39, passed near this spot.
George Washington owned a tract of land nearby. He surveyed and formed a company to drain a part of the Dismal Swamp, 1763.