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On November 11, 1777, American soldiers at Fort Mercer tested two cannons recovered from the Augusta, a British warship that exploded after running aground the day after the Battle of Red Bank. Both cannons exploded when tested, injuring and killi…
The Flag that flies aboveis a reproduction of the Flagof Fort MercerThis flag was the lanyard at the Battle of Red Bank in 1777. There is no known reason the flag was designed in reverse of Old Glory.This flag was donated and maintainedby members …
Patriot Revolutionary hero soldier warned Col. Greene at Fort Mercer, Red Bank, of British Hessian Attack 1777-Foot marker
Name of the tavern built in 1727. One of the "Meet" headquarters of the old Gloucester Fox Hunting Club 1786-1818.
After the Hessian rout at Red Bank, October 22, 1777, the main body fled over the bridge to the security of the British lines.
"Here was a pitiable sight. About 200 were laying on straw in two large rooms, some without arms or legs and others again with their limbs crushed like mush . . . . some floated in blood and told me that some had died for lack of something to…
In 1819, Prince Bent, "a man of collour," signed a sworn affidavit that he served with Dick Potter (another "man of collour") in Colonel Christopher Greene's Rhode Island regiment and that the two had fought together at Red Ban…
"This day was especially sad for me. I lost five of my oldest friends . . . . As long as I have served, I have not yet left a battlefield in such deep sorrow."Captain Johann Edward Ewald, Hessian soldierThe Battle of Red Bank pitted the…
"The post with which you are entrusted is of the utmost importance to America . . . The whole defense of the Delaware absolutely depends upon it . . . "General George Washington toColonel Christopher Greene,October 9, 1777As early as th…
"Ye English soldiers came . . . They took two mares from me . . . and while the army was passing they came in and took our bread, pie, milk, cheese, meat dishes, cups, spoons, and then took shirts, sheets, blankets, coverleds, stodking, bree…