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In the 1870s, thousands of African Americans fled the poverty and racial unrest that followed the American Civil War to homestead on the plains of Kansas. These migrants were known as the Exodusters. Some intended to create separate, self-sufficie…
A military post on the Oregon Trail June 16, 1849-March 2, 1890. This monument is erected by the State of Wyoming and a few interested residents
Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914
1336 miles - Nauvoo, Illinois to the Salt Lake Valley (Second plaque below:) "Whether I live or whether I die all is well, all is well" Elizabeth Rutledge 1806 - 1852
"We proceeded (westward from Fort Laramie) and encamped outside the boundaries of Uncle Sam." So wrote Dr. J.S. Shepard in 1851 as he began the second leg of his journey west. "To leave Fort Laramie was to cast off all ties with civilization. It w…
Mary Elizabeth Homsley was born near Lexington, Kentucky, July 20, 1824. She move with her parents, Jacob and Sarah Oden, to Truxton, Missouri, where she was married to Benjamin Franklin Homsley in 1841. In April 1852, accompanied by Mary's parent…
To all the pioneers who passed this way to win and hold the West
Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914
In remembrance of the hardy pioneer stockmen and cowboys who drove their Texas herds across this spot into central and northern Wyoming
Over this trail, from distant Texas, passed the greatest migration of men and cattle in the history of America. (second plaque at the base:) In Memory of the pioneer cattlemen who passed this way on the Old Texas Trail 1866 to 1897. …