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Here was the southwestern boundary of the six million acre estate of Lord Fairfax. This vast tract, lying south of the Potomac and known as the Northern Neck, included the Eastern Panhandle and most of the Southern Branch.
Nearby was located cabin of Vincent Williams, an early settler and noted Indian fighter of the South Branch, who lived on Patterson's Creek near Fort Pleasant. During a July 16, 1756 attack on his home. Williams killed five Native Americans before…
The brick church formerly on this site was named Mount Zion Presbyterian Church. The congregation stopped meeting here after Federal forces occupied Petersburg in May 1862, took over the church building, and began using it as a commissary. The com…
During the Civil War, loyal Unionist Home Guard companies patrolled Hardy County (now Grant County) to defend it against Confederate incursions. Near here on Johnson Run on June 19, 1864, a mixed command that included men from several companies cl…
Union Col. James A. Mulligan, 23rd Illinois Infantry, supervised the construction of Fort Mulligan between August and December 1863. Known locally as Fort Hill, the work protected the South Branch Valley and its Unionist residents and also served …
The Petersburg Gap is a natural wonder exposing Helderberg limestone and Oriskany sandstone cliffs towering more than 800 feet above the South Branch of the Potomac River. The renowned writer and artist, David Hunter Strother whose pen name was P…
Near this fort, established as defense against Indians, stood Samuel Bingamon's cabin. His home attacked and his wife wounded, Bingamon single-handed shot and clubbed to death all but one of a party of seven Indians.
Cliffs 800 feet high lining great cleft in the New Creek and Knobley mountains, which rival the famed Franconia Notch of New England. Scene of skirmish in 1863 between General Jones' cavalry and Federal troops from New Creek.
Grant County. Formed in 1866 from Hardy, Named for General Grant, later President. At the northwestern corner is the Fairfax Stone, which established the limits of the lands of Lord Fairfax. The county has many mountain peaks and beautiful scenery…
CCC MemorialCamp North Fork 519-F111933 - 1942United States of AmericaCivilian Conservation CorpMemorialIn honor of the preservationof our most valuable resourcethe youthof America