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Edgar Wallace was born April 1st, 1875 in Greenwich, London. When he was nine days old, Richard Horatio Edgar, was adopted by George Freeman, a porter at Billingsgate Fish Market, and grew up under the adopted name of Dick Freeman. At 11, he start…
Site of the Giltspur Street Compter Demolished 1854
Site of the Royal College of Physicians 1674 - 1825
Poet lived here 1869 - 1890
Earl of Beaconsfield Born Here 1804
The Automobile Association opened its first office in this building in the year 1905. This plaque was unveiled on the 28th June 1965 by the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of London, Sir James Miller, D.L., LL.D., to mark the Diamond Ju…
Jamaican Nurse Heroine of the Crimean War lived here
These two houses were the Portuguese Embassy 1724 - 1747 The Marquess of Pombal Portuguese Statesman Ambassador 1739-1744 lived here
Bloomsbury Group members Virginia Woolf Duncan Grant Adrian Stephen Leonard Woolf & John Maynard Keynes lived in a house on this site 1911-1912
Dermatologist lived here
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